Portici city announce an international contest between artists, according to the Law 29 July 1949 N. 717 as amended by Law 3 March 1960 N. 237 and by Law 8 October 1997 N.352 and on the basis of the D.M. 23 March 2006 “Guidelines for the application of the law n. 717/49” on “Standards for Art in Public Buildings”, aimed at the acquisition of an urban-scale art work to be placed in the realization of the Waterfront of the city of Portici.

The contest, named “Competition of ideas aimed at the realization of an art work to be placed at the new waterfront of Portici city, provides for the choice, the realization and the implementation of a urban-scale art work, to be placed in a unique space, freely chosen by the author, along the new Waterfront.


Coastal stretch between the Real Opificio di Pietrarsa and Villa d'Elboeuf

The project area consists of the coastal linear stretch between the Pietrarsa Real Opificio and Villa d’Elboeuf, currently affected by a complex redevelopment. For its full description and perception please refer to  Attachment 1

Dock serving the coastal linear system and the Museum of Pietrarsa.

The area, on which the new dock of Pietrarsa is planned, includes a stretch of about 300 m along the coast. The planned dock is developed in the space between the building with three naves that conforms the southern limit of the museum, the railway area and the northern  outpost originated from the works of realization of the coastal collector and defensive works.

For a full description of the project see  Attachment 2

Project of seasonal demountable equipment to serve the coastal promenade.

The work is the result of an architectural competition experienced by the Municipality of Portici during the year 2019, aimed at infrastructuring the coastal strip with removable seasonal equipment that lend themselves to a variety of functions related to the enjoyment of the sea resource, oriented to activities that are mainly recreational and are able to reconvert, with changing functions, during the day and during the season. Attachment 4